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Setup (in a nutshell)

A lot of assembly required. See the final schematic

  • Set up the 12V to 5v Step Down
  • Connect the output from the 5V step down to the Vin on the arduino
  • Connect the solenoid
    • TIP120 left prong (Facing the transistor) goes through a 10K resistor into arduinos Digital 2
    • TIP120 middle prong connects a the 1N4004 to the +12V line. The middle prong also connects to the - side of the solenoid
    • TIP120 right prong goes to ground.
    • The + side of the solenoid goes directly into the +12V line.
  • Connect the flow meter. Yellow goes to Arduino Digital 3, red to +5v, black to common ground.
  • Connect the temperature sensor. +5v into pin 1. Analog 4 from the arduino goes into pin 2. +5v through a 10K resistor also goes into pin 2. Pin 3 unused. Pin 4 to common ground.
  • Ground the arduino
  • Put data.txt on the sd card that contains (note that {numberofounces} should be an integer that represents how much beer is in the keg at the time of setup and {nameofbeer} is the string name you want to display for the beer). Note2: Do not use the {}'s. Those are there to see, don't use them! See sdcard/data.txt as an example!



  • Put beer.bmp on the sd card
  • Upload this file to the arduino
  • Make sure you have the right libraries:
  • Change NUMSAMPLES to 3 in libraries/TouchScreen/TouchScreen.cpp! (This makes the touch screen refresh to a median value, meaning that on each refresh it will not try to detect a new press, but continue to realize a hold)
  • If you did everything right, congrats!